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Tasmania JackJumpers Applaud Historic WNBL Initiative and Celebrate Basketball Growth

26 Jun
3 mins read

The Tasmania JackJumpers are excited to support the recent announcement by the Wollemi Capital Group Syndicate (WCGS) and the National Basketball League (NBL) regarding their intention to form a consortium aimed at acquiring a majority interest in the Women's National Basketball League (WNBL). This potential partnership signifies a pivotal moment for women's basketball in Australia, with Basketball Australia expected to retain a minority interest in the league.

Christine Finnegan, CEO of the Tasmania JackJumpers, states: "The JackJumpers congratulate all involved with this historic deal and look forward to working with the consortium to ensure the success and growth of this competition. When details of the operations of the new competition structure are finalized, the JackJumpers will certainly indicate their strong interest in a WNBL team located in Tasmania. It is an exciting time for the NBL and basketball pathways for both men and women."

Key Highlights of the Announcement:

  • Consortium Formation: WCGS and NBL have announced their intention to form a consortium to acquire a majority interest in the WNBL, with Basketball Australia maintaining a minority stake.
  • Term Sheet Signed: The term sheet provides up to 60 days to finalize the proposed transaction, ensuring all necessary conditions are met.
  • Leadership and Vision:
    • Robyn Denholm, Founder of Wollemi Capital Group: “Women’s Basketball in Australia has a phenomenal history and an even brighter future; we are excited to be a major part of the syndicate that will guide the future direction as well as provide the right level of support and investment needed in the sport for decades to come.”
    • Larry Kestelman, NBL Owner: “We are proud to be part of a group that will now have an opportunity to rethink what the best version of the WNBL can look like, and set the direction for the future as we did for the NBL.”
    • David Stevenson, NBL CEO: “We will spend the next few months and beyond listening and learning as much as we can from the clubs, players, fans, and key stakeholders to ensure we make the appropriate changes for long-term sustainability and the establishment of a world-class league.”

The Tasmania JackJumpers are dedicated to supporting the growth and success of the WNBL. This initiative signifies a robust future for women’s basketball, providing a platform for female athletes to excel and inspiring young girls to pursue greatness in the sport.

John Carey, Basketball Australia Chair, expresses his excitement: “We are delighted to welcome WCGS and the NBL to the WNBL. We are all committed to working together to ensure the success of the league for the players, clubs, and fans.”

Matt Scriven, CEO of Basketball Australia, echoes this sentiment: “The announcement today is a commitment by all parties to elevate the WNBL and ensure the future of women’s basketball in Australia.”

The Tasmania JackJumpers are poised to actively engage with the evolving WNBL landscape. We are enthusiastic about the opportunities this initiative presents and are eager to explore the potential for establishing a WNBL team in Tasmania. This development aligns with our commitment to fostering basketball talent and providing pathways for both men and women in the sport.


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