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Roth's Recap: The Tasmania JackJumpers' Head Coach Updates on Season Preparations

11 Jun
4 mins read

The Tasmania JackJumpers are gearing up for another exciting NBL season, with Head Coach Scott Roth sharing key updates and insights during a press conference this morning. Roth addressed various topics, including the team's strategic direction, player development, and community engagement. He highlighted the completion of the team's roster and the addition of promising talents as part of the team's strategic vision.

Community and Facilities Development We remain committed to our mission of fostering basketball in Tasmania. Coach Roth emphasized the urgent need for improved basketball facilities across the state, highlighting the potential for Tasmania to become the "Mecca of basketball" in Australia.

"We've waited patiently for three years, and it's time to see some progress," Roth said. "The growth of basketball in Tasmania has been unparalleled, and we need the facilities to match this enthusiasm. Simple improvements like changing light bulbs, cleaning floors, and painting walls can make a significant difference."

Roth also emphasized the heartfelt nature of our community, stating, "Tasmania has everything going for it. The amount of kids trying to play basketball is tremendous, and we want to provide them with the best opportunities. This isn't just about the JackJumpers; it's about the entire state stepping forward."

Player Development and Future Prospects We have seen remarkable individual performances, with players like Will Magnay and Jack McVeigh showing their potential for national team selections. Roth noted the importance of chemistry and the right mix of players to achieve success.

"Magnay's size and defensive mindset, combined with Jack's elite shooting, provide a unique advantage. Brian Goorjian, the Boomers' coach, has some tough decisions ahead with so many talented players available," Roth explained.

Roth also reflected on the emotional challenges of team transitions, particularly the difficult conversations with players moving on. "The toughest part of my job last year was releasing players like Josh Magette and Matt Kenyon, who set the foundation for our team. This year, saying goodbye to Jarred Bairstow was especially hard. His contributions will not be forgotten," Roth shared.

The Tasmania JackJumpers Announce New Signings: We are thrilled to announce the signing of two dynamic players, Roman Siulepa and Craig "Chicken" Sword, who are set to make a significant impact in the upcoming season.

Roman Siulepa, a standout Australian player, joins us under the prestigious Next Stars program. Head Coach Scott Roth shared his excitement about Roman's addition, stating, "Roman's Australian roots and his alignment with our program's values make this an exciting opportunity for both him and our team."

Craig Sword, affectionately known as "Chicken," brings his seasoned experience from the G-League and USA Basketball to us. Coach Roth commented on the unique recruitment process, "Craig's name came to us in a rather unconventional way, but it was a no-brainer. We're excited to have him and believe our fans will enjoy watching him play."

Looking Ahead Coach Roth emphasized the importance of focusing on the process and development of players as the team gears up for the new season. "Our goal remains the same: to win a championship. However, our primary focus will be on maintaining our high standards, culture, and work ethic. We believe that by doing so, success will follow."

"In about 2 or 3 days, the team is going to get a text from me about turning the page," said Head Coach Scott Roth. "We're not going to focus on repeating the past; instead, we will emphasize our work ethic, standards, culture, and accountability. Last year's success is gone and dusted. We're starting a new adventure with new struggles and new journeys."

Community Engagement and Support We are more than just a basketball team; we are a community. Our success is built on the support and enthusiasm of our fans, and we are committed to giving back. We encourage everyone to join us in supporting the development of basketball facilities across Tasmania, ensuring that future generations have the resources they need to excel.

Full press conference video here


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