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Player Profile: Marcus Lee

13 Jun
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Marcus Lee Overview

Marcus Lee came into our team from a successful stint in the back half of the season with Melbourne United. Coming in to take a large role in the centre position while Will Magnay was injured and then continuing to start through the rest of the season when Magnay returned to the line up as he had built good on court chemistry with the rest of the starting lineup.
Marcus opened the season at the blitz where he put on a dominant display in the blitz showing his athleticism and rim running ability throwing down some huge dunks and recording a handful of blocks across the tournament.
This translated into the early part of the season where he opened the first game with 9 points, 9 rebounds, a block, and 3 steals.
Marcus also provided passing ability at the centre spot being able to come out to the perimeter and provide passing back into cutting lanes in offense motions.


Marcus Lee Statistics
During the season Marcus Lee averaged 15.28 minutes per game and during these minutes he averages 6.09 points per game, 5.35 rebounds, and recorded 1.15 assists per game.
The post season saw his average minutes drop largely on the back of injuries which saw him miss the second half of the Melbourne United series and a suspension for game 2 of the Perth series interrupted that series as well. During the finals Marcus was able to increase his offensive production by averaging 6.17 points per game in just 10.82 minutes per game.
Marcus also made it to 50 NBL games during the finals having gotten his total games up to 51 in the NBL 34 of those being with the Tasmania JackJumpers.
Marcus also has the franchise record for rebounds in a single game having recorded 13 rebounds on October 22nd against Sydney Kings.

Marcus Lee Notable Regular Season Games

Game 1 of the season saw Marcus record 9 points and 9 rebounds in a hot start to the season, he also recorded 3 steals, and 1 block for the game. This was the start of things to come with Marcus showing he was able to provide valuable scoring and rebounding while also being a defensive pest both by cutting of passing lanes and rim protection, his large wingspan proving to be a valuable tool.

On January 1st against the New Zealand Breakers Marcus was required to increase his minutes as Will Magnay had suffered a small injury the game before. During these increased minutes Marcus was able to record a 14 point 13 rebound double double shooting 77.8% from the field which included 6 offensive rebounds.

Marcus recorded one more double double during the season against his former side Melbourne United, where he had a 13 point 10 rebound game which included 3 assists, and a steal.

Marcus Lee During the Finals

Marcus Lee had a troubled Finals run, during the seeding qualifier he suffered an apparent shoulder injury during the opening play of the game.
He was able to return the next game in Perth where he played 19 minutes and gave us one of the highlight dunks of the season contributing to a season high 16 points and grabbed 3 rebounds and a steal during the encounter. Unfortunately during this game he also received a suspension which ruled him out of the second game during the series.
Marcus was able to return for game 3 where he played a more limited role mainly due to the team sticking to a new lineup that was used during game 2 which saw the JackJumpers come out with a win.

Marcus was working his way into the Finals series after having a slow start in game 1, which was common among the whole team. With an 8 point, 6 rebound, 3 block game in game 2 and starting to work his way into game 3 before he was the unfortunate recipient of a played landing across his knee ruling him out for the rest of the finals series.


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