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JackJumpers to make a splash with TasWater

11 Jan
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The Tasmania JackJumpers will continue to further their community impact with the help of TasWater, as the new partner of beloved mascot, Jack the Jumper in 2024.

TasWater will partner with Jack to assist him to visit even more areas of Tasmania, spreading water education messages and a love of basketball.

“We’re delighted to partner with TasWater and enable Jack to get to regional areas and support TasWater’s positive public education efforts. Jack’s a super energetic, fun-loving mascot and so it’s all the more important he can keep filling up his JackJumpers drink bottle from TasWater refill stations to stay hydrated,” CEO Christine Finnegan said.

In 2023, Jack the Jumper engaged with more than 85,000 Tasmanians across the state, through the JackJumpers community program, school visits and clinics, and as well as at JackJumpers home games and events.

The formal partnership follows the unveiling of a Tasmania JackJumpers inspired artwork on the TasWater Asset on the outskirts of the club’s southern home, MyState Bank Arena, in November.

The artwork by local solo artist Trent Fischer features Jack the Jumper emblazoned on three sides of the asset as part of the TasWater’s Asset Artwork Program.

TasWater Head of Brand and Insights Jill Cummings said the partnership would be important in helping Tasmanians' reduce dependence on single-use plastic bottles.

“We’re proud to be teaming up with the JackJumpers to roll out an ambitious refill and reuse water program. Our mission is to promote tap water, highlight the importance of healthy hydration and reduce Tasmanians' dependence on single-use plastic bottles, which frequently end up in landfill or our waterways,” Jill said.

“By December 2024, 30 refill stations will be installed in bustling spots across Tasmania, with the aim to reduce some of the 130kg of single use plastic sent to landfill on average by each Tasmanian every single year. 

“Tasmanians spend an estimated $15.7 million on bottled water every single year when they could just turn the tap on and enjoy Australia’s best tasting tap water for a fraction of the price. 

“We’re urging all Tasmanians to be refillers not landfillers, and in doing so save big dollars and the environment at the same time!

“We’re excited about what we can achieve with the JackJumpers and our council owners by providing a free and environmentally friendly way for Tasmanians to stay healthy and hydrated,” Jill said.


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