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Captain Clint Steindl to mark game 300 in Adelaide

09 Nov
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An NBL Championship with the expansion side he has led since its inception into the League would be the perfect icing on an already illustrious career cake for Clint Steindl.

The NBL veteran will mark his 300th NBL game when he steps on the court at Adelaide Entertainment Centre this Saturday.

“You play professional sports for the engagement with your teammates and ultimately coming to that end goal. And in professional sports that’s being in the grand final competing for a championship. So, winning those two (in Perth) is definitely up there.

I'd imagine a JackJumpers championship might trump the two though. Yeah it probably will because of what we've been able to establish here early on. Yeah, it'd truly be special to do that.

Having said that is a long way to go and our mindset hasn't been around the championship as such. But what we've been saying from day one is, is the building what we've put in place each day every week” Steindl said

Steindl began his professional career in 2012 with the Cairns Taipans (53 games), before moving to Townsville Crocodile (56 games) and then onto a decorated stint with Perth Wildcats (128 games) including two Championships.

“I certainly didn't dream of playing 300 when I first got into playing professional basketball, but to be honest, I haven't really used this week to reflect on it so much given, uh, our schedule that we've had. The best part about playing this many games is meeting the people along the way on the journey and then being able to share the journey with people that are close to me.

“When I first started out in Cairns it was myself, my parents, my sister, and now I get to share it with my wife and my two kids and for me, that's the best part of it” Steindl said.

Steindl was the inaugural captain of the JackJumpers having now played 62 games with Tasmania, playing a key role in the club’s success over the first two and a half seasons.

Head Coach Scott Roth said he was a key recruiting target ahead of the club’s inaugural season.

“When I took this job, he was one of the guys that was at the top of my list because I just thought he'll drive culture for all the right reasons, just how he carries himself on and off the floor, and his professionalism, are all huge factors of why I wanted him with me.

“And I also thought it was a chance for him to grow, to get out of Perth and become the captain here, which he ended up being voted in by the players over the last three years, which another great credit to him, but I think he's just one of those guys, that leads the franchise in the right way and how he carries himself” Roth said.

“He's a culture driver. So, it was a no-brainer. It was just hard getting him out of Perth though”.

Steindl says he hasn’t spent a lot of time reflecting ahead of game 300 but he said age has helped him appreciate the small things along the way.

As you grow older years, you come to appreciate different things. Some of the things I probably did as a youngster I wouldn't think about doing now, but this [the JackJumpers] is a such a great environment, not only for myself but my family and the community focus that this club has”.

“Just being able to bring my kids, even my son into the locker room and onto the court after games. It those moments that I will look back on after however many games it is, as the special ones and that's what we establish on a day-to-day basis here at the practice courts” Steindl said.

Ever the professional, Steindl is still finding wqays to better himself and better those around him.

“Always learning. Gotta adjust to change, be adaptable. I mean you always trying to get better in this environment, but that's all we preach is trying to get better every day” Steindl said.

“I happen to be shooting it at a solid percentage right now, so I'm just going to keep doing my best to do that. But really, uh, the head of the snake for us is Milton Doyle, JC, Jack McVeigh.

“Those guys are the ones that take a lot of the attention deservedly so. You've just gotta be ready waiting to make the most of the opportunities they create, take those opportunities. Um, and I just happened to be putting myself in the right spot and being rewarded from the play” Steindl said.

While Steindl marks the significant milestone in Adelaide, the JackJumpers will celebrate with a special presentation at the club’s next home game in Launceston next Thursday.



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